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Osprey becomes one of the first B.A.R.S Registered RPAS operators in North America

Osprey was founded by aviation professionals which means we believe the stringent standards of crewed aviation should also govern the RPAS industry. It is for this reason that Osprey pursued one of the most comprehensive and strict aviation standards in the world – Flight Safety Foundation’s Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS).

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BARS was born from the mining sector that, after observing accidents, errors and tragedy in crewed aviation, decided a basic minimum standard was needed. The developed program needed to bring all aviation operators up to a competency level that reduced accidents, eliminate unsafe practices, and make safe outcomes predictable. Today, this standard is adopted by many industry stakeholders globally.

Osprey chose to enrol in the comprehensive program with additional specialties in confined space which means a full audit of all operations, standards and documents is completed and compared to the robust protocol of BARS. The end goal is to achieve the best possible safety performance of crew and aircraft.

This commitment means our SMS, Operations Manual, Training Manual, Quality Manual, Maintenance Manual and all Standard Operating Procedures have been brought in line with this Standard. Osprey has always been committed to operating in the safest way possible, despite the challenging and unique environments we find ourselves in – now we have proof of that commitment.

As RPAS operations become more complex, risk inherently increases, thus Flight Safety Foundation created the RPAS BARS program. Such a standard helps to ensure RPAS operators that can pass the audits will work alongside crewed aviation under standardized safety requirements, giving stakeholders peace of mind they have contracted the right operators to fulfil their needs.

We can now support all stakeholders who have adopted BARS as a requirement. In Canada, this also means Osprey is equipped to meet even the most stringent of client operational and safety requirements.

Jason Brownlee – VP Regulatory Compliance

Reduced costs

Reduced Costs

High quality results with fewer people, less equipment and little or no downtime. Reduce or eliminate the requirement costly engineered scaffolding, rope access techniques or aerial work platforms.
Cost Saving Use Case

Increased Safety

Increased Safety

The advances in drone technology have allowed adopters to reduce human exposure to hazards at height, in confined spaces, toxic atmospheres and extreme temperatures.
Safety Use Case

Rapid Results

Rapid Results

As more and more use cases are discussed, one thing is clear; Drones are saving us time! Depending on the industry, drone technology is anywhere from 3-12 times faster at accomplishing a task compared to conventional methods.
Turn Around Use Case
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When you require a drone inspection performed to an applicable code, you can count on our network of API and CWB certified inspectors. Whether your concern is your pressure equipment, piping systems, storage or structural inspections, our highly trained and experienced pilots coordinate with inspectors to develop the solution you are looking for.

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