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As the technology continues to develop, data collecting payloads are becoming smaller, lighter, and ultimately more powerful. With respect to the quality of remote sensing possible, this is fantastic news. However, it comes with a drawback – larger and larger file sizes. We have our own in-house supercomputers built to follow either of the following blueprints.

Supporting Equipment
Supporting Equipment

Small Data Sets - Quick Turn Around

Processor: Intel i9-990k

Memory: HyperX Predator

Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2070

Cooling: Liquid Cooled CPU

Large Data Sets - Big and Powerful

Processor: Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx

Memory: HyperX Predator

Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2080ti

Cooling: Liquid Cooled CPU and Air-Cooled Ram

Because our staff is familiar with the construction of our workstations, as individual components become exhausted or obsolete, we can replace specific parts to keep them running at peak performance.

Supporting Equipment

Surveying Equipment

Any good drone service provider knows that it’s imperative to incorporate a handful of ground control points, and several checkpoints to ensure accurate and precise data sets. Although our Wingtra One utilizes a PPK system for positional correction of each photo taken, we include a couple of checkpoints as standard practice.

The Emlid RS2 reach is proving to be an excellent, user-friendly system for incorporation with drone operations.

Supporting Equipment
Supporting Equipment

Range Extender

Compatible with the Elios 1 and Elios 2 the range extender is an added layer of confidence for complicated environments. When attached to the controller, the range extender is dropped in a location as a signal repeater and is a key piece of equipment when performing complex BVLOS operations with the Elios platforms.

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