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Voliro Airborne Robotics

Voliro Airborne Robotics are proud to have developed Voliro T, an extremely capable flying robot. The Voliro T can be equipped with a variety of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) sensors, depending on the use-case. The platform is capable of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) for thickness measurement, Dry-Film Thickness (DFT) measurement, and EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer) for surface condition forgiveness, with many more integrations pending. Thanks to the integration of various assistive technologies and safety-systems, the Voliro T is capable of flying in close proximity to structures. The unique 360° drone design of the platform allows inspection of curved and sloped surfaces. To date, no other flying inspection robot boasts these capabilities.

Due to ongoing development and many innovative ideas still in their infancy, please contact us directly to engage in discussions considered to be non-confidential.

Elios 2 - Flyability

We are proud to be an early adopter of the Elios 2, being one of the first service providers in Canada to take advantage of the technological advances.

Elios 1 - Flyability

Contrary to popular belief, the Elios 1 remains relevant in a number of inspection applications despite the introduction of the new model. Due to a fundamental design difference (optically stabilized versus 3-axis gimbal stability) the Elios 1 shines in tight quarters where it is beneficial to roll along the infrastructure.

Wingtra One - Wingtra

A well-equipped tail sitting VTOL airframe that requires minimal space for take-off and landing, boasts area coverage up to 800 acres per hour while maintaining geo-location accuracies as low as 2 cm. 


Osprey’s Trinity F90+ aircraft can provide next level large area mapping, in an efficient vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) platform. Its PPK capability combined with its ability to carry multiple payload configurations makes this aircraft ideal for geomatics, environmental and resource development work. The VTOL capability also ensures its ability to complete its work from more confined locations such as parks, logging roads and even densely forested areas.

Matrice 210-RTK - DJI

Considered to be much like a Swiss Army Knife of drone platforms, thanks to a variety of sensors, gimbal orientations and developer freedom. We are thankful to be operating our Matrice 210-RTK across a variety of industries for a variety of different applications.


Our latest workhorse: with a 2.7kg useful payload rating, it can take to the air with up to 3 payloads simultaneously. Or it can fly specialized payloads such as our Emesent Hovermap SLAM based LiDAR, magnetometer and more. It can even get wet!

DJI M600 Pro

The DJI M600 Pro is a universal heavy lift unmanned aerial platform designed to effortlessly carry pre-integrated or custom payloads for advanced applications. With a maximum flight time of up to 38 minutes and payload up to 6kg, the M600 Pro is a versatile tool for the industrial sector.

Mavic Pro 2 - DJI

Being a small, lightweight, easily deployable system with 4k sensors and useful accessories, the Mavic 2 Pro is our drone of choice for site scouting, and tight outdoor spaces.

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