Data Collection & Analytics

New Tricks

Advances in drone and sensor technologies are having an unprecedented effect on the way we collect information. By integrating high resolution, specific purpose, sensors on various UAV airframes, a number of different industries are seeing incredible advances in efficiency, safety, and economics. Drones are covering approximately 5 to 8 times the area of a comparable ground crew while maintaining the same level of absolute geo-accuracy. The sectors that are seeing to most immediate benefits from these advances are Forestry, Agriculture, Land Surveying and Construction.

With the ability to capture data at a rapid rate comes in the inevitability of large data files. These large data files command computing power to ensure quick turn around times; something we’ve invested in here at Osprey Integrity. Our in-house equipment ensures the protection of sensitive files and unparalleled customer service when additional amendments are requested. 

Forestry Management

It takes more than a fancy drone to offer viable, actionable, aerial services in the forestry industry. Here at Osprey Integrity, we are fortunate to have valuable human resources with rich backgrounds in forestry that thoroughly understand the traditional ground-based methodology. Leveraging this experience pool, we have developed and deployed drone solutions to expedite the collection and increase the accuracy of data used in pre-harvest and re-growth stages of the process. Below are a few of the areas in which drone technology has significantly advanced our ability to provide accurate information during the application and audit processes.

  • New Growth Identification and Inventory – 5-year to 8-year assessment, and beyond
  • Stream Classification & Water Feature Identification
  • Log Deck Volumes
  • Timber Volume and Species Identification
  • Harvest Access and Road Reconnaissance
  • Fire Risk & Hotspot Management

Jason Brownlee is working on some exciting techniques for drone use for woody debris pile assessments. More to come on this!

Precision Agriculture

There are an infinite number of variables that affect the outcomes of a growing season. Seemingly insignificant decisions may impact plant health, crop yield, and effectively, the livelihood of people employed by this industry.

Stay ahead of impactful variables and make informed, tactical decisions concerning the soil, pests, water management, potential yield and crop loss after a weather event. We are able to collect up to 1500 acres of data per drone, per day. Data analysis is complete in as few as 24 hours with recommended courses of action based on results.

In the event you are considering a transition to “smart-farming” drone technology is certainly step 1!

3D Mapping & Asset Digitization

In a world with increasing technological dependence, a staggering amount of commercial applications are already visualizing 3-dimensional assets and areas through point cloud data. But, how do we take an existing structure and turn it into an accurate computer model? We are using high resolution, wide-angle, and oblique sensors mounted on industry-leading drones and using specific 3D mission planning techniques to deliver high-quality point cloud files.

Aerial Survey

Increase the speed and efficiency of your land surveying by up to 9x by integrating our drone services. Our pilots can coordinate with your surveyors, utilize permanent control locations or use our survey equipment to collect precision points on the day of the flight. Thanks to high-resolution sensors and a PPK system we can generate absolute geo-accuracies, over large areas, down to 1.5cm with minimal ground control.

Stockpile Volume Measurements

Using photogrammetry software, we are able to accurately measure hundreds of thousands of cubed meters of material down to a few buckets. This rapid and inexpensive method of measurement is incredible for inventory control, and with the amount of topographical data collection points that the drone captures, it is also unrivaled by traditional methods for accuracy.

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