Transmission Tower Inspection

Transmission Tower Inspection

Transmission tower inspection

Scope of Work

In September  2020, Osprey Integrity Ltd. was contracted to conduct a remotely piloted inspection of electrical transmission towers, and associated cable spans, as part of regularly scheduled maintenance objectives. Using crews to regularly inspect transmission towers is a dangerous process and inspecting assets over hundreds of kilometers can be a slow, challenging and expensive process. 

Osprey Integrity pilots collaborated with the service provider to identify the requirements needed for the scope of work and to learn more about the safety risks associated with operating at up to 7.5m from live high voltage lines.

Being able to communicate with the client prior to starting work allowed Osprey Integrity Ltd. pilots to identify the following as priority inspection points:

Pilots from Osprey Integrity were also able to share with the client about requirements for complying with all Federal, Provincial and local legislation regarding operation of remotely piloted air systems, including privacy laws.

The area for which the flight would take place involved conducting the inspection in a densely populated environment with wide river crossings and our pilots were able to plan ahead of the project, taking these factors into consideration. The service provider requested live 4K video viewing of the cable spans by a powerline technician and for the collection of UHD imagery of the required locations.

The Result

Our professional drone inspection crew started by completing a detailed desktop analysis of the scope. The resulting operational flight plan detailed all safety, logistical and operational considerations and was submitted to the client for discussion and approval. 

Prior to mobilization, Osprey Integrity Ltd. coordinated the circulation of an informational flyer to alert residents in the area of the proposed window of operations. Using a DJI M210 RTKs, equipped with Z30 and X5S payloads, we strategically captured the requested footage safely and efficiently. 

Transmission Tower Inspection

The footage was viewed live for field notes by a certified powerline technician and then reviewed internally by the client, exceeded expectations, and was used to satisfy inspection targets and plan repairs as requred.

transmission tower inspection

Utilizing drones for transmission tower inspections can greatly reduce safety risks to ground personnel and reduce overall costs involved. Areas that my previously have been difficult to traverse by regular inspection personnel are no longer a barrier for UAV pilots. 

Benefits of Industrial Drone Inspection

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